Monday, December 15, 2014

This year I read

I am happy to say that I surpassed my reading goal this year. I read 24 books. 'Read' defined as finished the whole thing and can comfortably talk about them--I say this because I breeze through some books and some books I just can't read without jumping through tens and tens of pages.

Actually at the beginning of the year I set my goal to 12 books but by the middle of the year I was already at 13 books so I had to recalibrate. =)

Man, it was a good reading year! Thanks to Goodreads I was able to discover really good books. I also joined a book club there--Little Book Club. If you like reading I highly recommend joining a book club, online or whatever, some the books I absolutely loved I would not have picked out if it weren't for the club.

Here are my top books that I read this year, you can search them in goodreads for more info:

Vicious - I love love love loved this. I love the villainy. Ugh. (ugh, as in good ugh). This is like the Heroes TV series written out.  My review on good reads.

Breakable - I love Lucas. That's all. If you've read Easy, this is just a nice supplementary not really a new story. It's like dessert. I love Lucas. Have I mentioned that already?

The Girl with All the Gifts - This was intriguing, a different kind of zombie novel for me. Another UGH, as I'd written on goodreads.

The Lunar Chronicles - I didn't love Cinder, I say this with shame. But I loved Scarlet, and Cress was good too--the series picked up from the second book and I can't wait for next year. I am also sad that it will end. But I can't wait. That's a sign of a good series, yes?

Fangirl - So Rainbow Rowell doesn't really have a series out (as far as I know) but she may as well because basically read all her books this year. Fangirl was the first, the trigger and still my favorite. Rainbow Rowell writes reaallllyyy good characters. 

Of Bees and Mist - I will always have a soft spot for magic realism since high school literature and discovering Like Water for Chocolate in the library. This just might be my new favorite book. It was magical and real and romantic with family issues at its best.

Just realized this sounds like I'm selling goodreads... I'm not... I'm not even a good reviewer I think haha! I'm just real happy and I want to share it. Good vibes good vibes!

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

DIY Doggie Hoodie

After experimenting some I successfully made a hoodie shirt for my Ichi. After deciding to just hand sew, I finally got around to it just in time for Christmas :)

I traced an old shirt of Ichi on newspaper for the pattern. Then I studied one of my hoodies and got the basic shape of it. It took me a couple of fittings to get it to fit properly, the main thing is the neckline should be the same length as bottom of the hood pattern.

The topmost is the pattern for the hood. I cut two of those and sew on the curve. The bottom patterns are for the shirt, the left one is for the back the right one is belly, both are cut on fold and attached on the side seams and shoulder seams. The body and the hood are connected at the neckline.

Maybe when I make another one I'll write a full how to. I'm really happy with the way it came out, it's like a cropped top hoodie.  From the looks of it she's happy with it too. She was extra behaved while I put it on and waited patiently for me to finish it. Look at her looking comfortable (by the way that used to be my shirt haha)...

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Flash Fiction

Hello hello hello!

I've been busy working and complaining on repeat. I have only made time for my dog and reading.

I've always loved fiction, reading and writing about made up people is a nice reprieve from complaining. Lately I've been obsessed with flash fiction. Short short stories normally less than 1000 words are just right for my attention span. And there are some amazing ones that just stick with you.

Did you know there was a national flash fiction day? June 21st! I just learned last week. I submitted one of my own for Flash Flood. They publish a bunch for one day for #nffd. It's my first time to be published (not counting that one time in college for our school organization).  I'm very happy. It's just a hundred words so check it out if you have time :)

My story: Reminiscing

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Where to buy a second hand sewing machine in Manila

I had my second hand machine for around three years now and I love it. I have accomplished a lot more and it is capable of doing a lot more than those tiny plastic portable machines sold in the hardware store. It hasn't broken down on me yet! I actually don't plan on buying a brand new one since this one works well for a quarter of the price.

I bought mine from the pier near Anda Circle. I found this blog's (formerly hobby-horse). My husband, slash my personal live interactive gps, and I took a jeep going to the pier from Carriedo LRT station. Then we got off at the Anda circle rotonda. From there you can see the street lined with open shops full of shelves and tables with sewing machines. Just walk towards that

 Here's a snippet from google maps: A. Soriano Avenue formerly Aduana.

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Also recently we went to Antipoloto buy fabric. They sell a lot of stretch fabric there by the kilo, with pretty prints too. Anyway along the way I saw two or three shops that sell machines as well. It's a smaller lot to choose from compared to Aduana. But if you're nearer and you also want to shop for fabric it's worth a look.

To get there from Robinson's Galleria, take a G-Liner going to Taytay. Get off at the Jollibee a few minutes away from SM Taytay. From Jollibee it's a ten minute walk but you can take a tricycle. Soon you'll see shops with fabric hanging out or in a pile, there are also tarpaulin signs saying "Tela" in front of the smaller streets.

Here's a snippet from google maps: Old Taytay Market.

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Movie Ramble: Hunger Games - Catching Fire

I hated the first movie but I loved this Catching Fire. I thought the first one was too watered down. Since I read the books I was extremely disappointed and I felt as if the point of the book was missing in the first movie.

Everything I remember missing from the first movie I saw in this one. The helplessness, confusion, anger. How horrible of a reality show it was. And how sick that some people were deluded by it. How sad that most people can't do a thing about it. Then the rebelliousness.

I loved Jenifer Lawrence, even from the first movie. She just got Katniss, at least how I imagined her to be. Her will to protect those she loves. Her confusion over Peeta and Gale. How she felt as she tried to do the right thing to end up seeing hurt over and over again.

I loved everyone else in the second movie. They did a good job building up their characters. I especially liked Haymitch and Effie. Haymitch and his smart and witty drunkenness. Effie with her weird way of supporting her victors.

I'm all talk but I am really in no position to say if these movies are faithful to the book. I rarely remember specifics of what I read, including but not limited to important characters' names. But I remember the feeling of the book and the feeling it evoked in me. For me, at the very least in that respect, Catching Fire was faithful to the book. If anything was missing I think they showed just the right bits and pieces.

But yeah, I'm all talk. What did you think? :)

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